Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life goes on and Mother's day was a treat!

So I've been reminded several times that I haven't written for a long time and I'm really slacking. Life has been so busy and time just continues to fly by. Adam and I are both taking Spring classes which finish a week before my due date, so that'll be interesting. I am now down to six weeks!! Collin continues to wiggle and squirm all over my belly. My belly is growing and I am constantly being kicked and jabbed in my ribs. Some days it's also hard to breath because all of my internal organs are being squished by this little guy. We love watching Collin move all over the place. We are getting ready for him to arrive, just in case he comes early. I've had all my baby showers and two weeks ago we bought a crib. We're still waiting for the carseat/stroller to arrive and then we'll be ready.

Adam is convinced Collin will be a born soccer player. Last Thursday Adam had an intermural soccer game through BYU and we decided if Collin was super active during the day it was forshadowing of what was to come. Throughout the whole game (the parts I was really paying attention to) Collin was all over the place and as active as he's ever been. I told Adam and he was an overjoyed father!!! He's already planning Collin's future soccer career. I don't mind it's sure fun to watch little kids learn to play sports. I can't wait!

We also had some good ol' barbeque at a yummy restaurant in Provo on Saturday. Adam gained a special place for BBQ in his heart from serving his mission in Florida. Everyonce in a while he'll reminisce about Sunny's a barbeque restaurant chain all over Florida. We went there when we took a vacation to Florida and yeah it was AMAZING. Well Lon's Cookin' Shack is the closest we've found to Sunny's (still not as good, but it's a great alternative). So we decided if Collin was super active after dinner, then he loves barbeque. Collin was extremely mild and barely moved at all. I told Adam that this really is a good sign and means that he was content and happy with the barbeque. If he had squirmed and wiggled it would have meant that he thought the barbeque was yucky. So far Collin is proving to be a promising child!

Adam gave me a special Mother's day since he says I'm a mom even if Collin is still in my belly. He bought me an adorable bag (to be used as a diaper bag). I've had my eye on the bag for a while, but we're just too cheap. He also got me a muffin and bread recipe book that I've wanted but again was too cheap to buy. He surprised me with these gifts and let me watch the girly chick flick of my choice as well as made a beautiful card with a sweet message. Adam is so good to me and we're sure enjoying this time in our life!

Two last quick things. We were able to talk to Jill on Mother's day, which was wonderful. She's doing great and we're missing her. She informed us that she is learning how to make all kinds of authentic Mexican food, for which we are extremely happy and pleased. She's also working hard and coming home in about 6 months! woohoo!!!

Last but not least, Martin, Adam's best friend and his wife Andrea had their first child on Mother's day!!! Hi name is Martin Jorgensen Dietz III. We are so excited for them. Our little boys are going to be great friends just like Adam and Martin. Well hopefully they like eachother although their parents aren't giving them much of a choice. We can't wait till they come out and we can put those boys together! Congrats Martin and Andrea!