Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arriving January 2012...

It's a boy!!! Coming January 2012 we will be having Brandt baby boy #2!  So excited.  And yes the boys will out number the girls 3 to 2.  We are soooo excited!  After the ultrasound Collin told us he would be a good big brother.  He got so excited to think that maybe Lightening McQueen would be they baby's favorite too.  He even said he would share his cars with him :).  He'll be such a fabulous big brother.  He's very curious about how big the baby is and when is he going to kick.  It'll be fun when he gets to feel the baby squirming around.  When we asked what we should name him Collin said Old McDonald or Jack in the Box.  Tonight I gave him a few ideas and he decided we should name him Clever, ha ha where did that come from?  It will be so exciting to have a 3rd little munchkin running around.  Well not yet running thank goodness.  I don't think my nerves could handle that, but you know what I mean.  Marissa has informed us that she is no longer a baby and always corrects us by telling us she is a big sister.  I think she's getting ready too.  We are all excited and anticipating this new addition, even if three scares me.  But somehow we'll make it through and it will be wonderful :).

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Performers

 Collin is the Storyteller

 Marissa is the Singer