Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good-bye Summer, hello Fall

Fall is in the air. Summer was pretty wet and rainy here, so that was a little disappointing, but hopefully next summer will be better. I'm a little nervous for all the rain, but I try to keep busy so that it doesn't get to me too much, and we are making some wonderful friends and really enjoying our little piece of heaven. We're definitely in Washington. The leaves are starting to change, the rain is coming back in full force and it is just gorgeous! I sure do love it here, don't tell Adam. We are keeping busy between painting the house, church callings, Adam's schooling/work, and of course our adorable and fun kids. Life is wonderful and things are going great. Here are a few pictures of our oh so adorable little ones. Now I just have to start thinking about Halloween costumes... help. I'm no good at that.

Oh and I just had to post our crazy/fun bathroom. I know it's bright, but it makes me happy. I'm not totally finished, I'm working on a polka dot painting. It's sure fun making this house ours.