Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life around here

Here is a whole slew of pictures. Life is good. Thse two little munchkins are keeping us busy. Marissa is going through a pretty tough defiant stage right now and I'm sure hoping it's just a phase. Every once in a while we have glimpses of our sweet little doll baby, but most of the time she's kind of an emotional and punky bomb just waiting to go off. We still love her and I just have to pray every day for patience. She has many faces and these are a few of our favorites. She is such a sweetie.

I love this one, they fight like the dickens, but they also love and kiss, hug, and play. They LOVE each other, even when Collin is practicing some crazy wrestling moves on her.

The day I took this picture I had told Collin he would be able to watch a movie that night. During quiet time he snuck downstairs lined up his favorite "Cars" cars and got them in position for his favorite movie, either Cars 1 or Cars 2. I just adore this one! He is getting so cute and creative. I love watching his little mind working.

Here is our handsome little boy all ready for church. Isn't he handsome.

And I can not take any credit for this crazy messy peanut butter and jelly face. I was out of the room and Adam thought, why not just let her make as much of a mess as she'd like, what a good idea. bah. She loved it, I didn't, but I guess it's ok to make a mess sometimes.

This is our punky brewster picture. She loves wearing other people's clothes and dressing herself into the most creative and fashionable outfits.

And here is our little Cinderella. Although she actually chooses to do hard labor :) She loves to help. She's practicing her mother skills, she's even wearing one of my shirts. We like to start them early.

Look at that sad, but stinking cute face. Couldn't resist.

My little sweetie.

Cute little pair.

This is one of their favorite places. Love the backwards hat and the snow in the back round.

Well we're busy, happy, and learning a lot about patience, love, and sharing. It's a wonderful life. We've also been busy furiously working on redoing our cabinets and our counters are next. I'll definitely have to post when finished!