Thursday, February 26, 2009

Put another song on, Collin

So we made a discovery recently that Collin loves the stereo. Here is a little story in pictures that shows what I'm talking about.

Collin sits himself in front of the stereo and starts pulling out CDs. (Actually we put him there because he can't move on his own yet.)

He checks them out and picks one he wants to listen to.

Collin puts the CD in the stereo and pushes the play button.

He says, "Hey Dad, don't bug me, I'm listening to music!"

Then he goes back to enjoying his song.

I hope you enjoyed that little story. We're loving our little guy. He is so fun and has such a personality. He's a little sick right now and its sad, but other than that he's doing good. We just want him to start crawling. He's being a little booger and he doesn't even try, but he's 8 months old now and it's about time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sorry Everyone

So Jenn started this blog and it was really her thing, but apparently she doesn't like to write in it anymore. I will have to get on her about that. But until then I will continue to do my job as the tech guy and upload pictures and videos, because thats what I'm good at. I'm a boring writer, but at least I can do media. Anyways, here is out latest video of our little munchkin. Enjoy!!!