Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer 2012

This is so long over due it's crazy.  Where does the time go?  Before I can even get to Summer,  I had to add a few Spring pictures.  We had our first Easter Egg hunt in our yard and the kids loved it. Collin had his 4th trip to the ER (he tripped, hit a wood post and got 6 stitches in on his forehead). And we are finally getting to enjoy our yard and make it how we like it (this is before all the Summer blooms, but it was still beautiful).
Summer is here and we are loving it.  We're trying to grab it with both hands and run.  Last summer I was training for my first 1/2 marathon and we just stuck around on the weekends so I could get my training in.  This Summer we have tried to do everything and stay busy.  In May the kids and I went to California to enjoy our special time with Grandma and Grandpa Valenza, along with a weekend visit from Uncle Jeff.  Then Marissa turned 2, Collin turned 4, we went to visit Grandpa Michael and Jennifer, a weekend of camping, some hiking, gardening, our church's Girl's Camp for a week, and hopefully a few more things before summer is over.  It takes a while for the sun to really shine here, but once it does, oh is it gorgeous.  Life is good and busy and we're sure enjoying our sweet little family.  We look at the kids and think how precious they are and we're not sure we can let them grow up.  And then Marissa throws a tantrum, Collin torments Marissa and Toby and we think no we can let them grow up.  It's all a learning process and although there are ups and downs and great days, and not so great days, life is good and there is a lot of love, laughs, messes, and crying here.