Sunday, January 22, 2012

Collin' the shots (Sept-Dec)

I love the stage that Collin is at right now. I love having a little buddy that can carry on real conversations and ask questions. He's pretty much past the "why" stage (now he just does it to be silly/annoying), and he's starting to think for himself. We're also getting some arguing/back talk, not so fun, but with every stage there is good and then there is frustrating so I just have to deal with it. Here are some of the silly things he's said the last few months...

Collin-" We need to be careful with the animals because they can scare, because they're very very big."

Collin-" Where's Mommy?"
Daddy- "She's out running."
Collin- "Oh, she needs to get energy out."

A toy wasn't working, Collin was trying to figure out how to fix it like Daddy. Collin switched the on switch and said, "look mom, I pushed this and it works. I am a fixer."

Collin said this multiple times a week, "First it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas."

Collin- "I like Christmas. Santa comes and I get lots and lots of presents."

I was eating a lindt truffle. Collin caught me and said, "Can I have that."
Me- "No."
Collin- "Can I share it?"
Me- "No, it's a mommy candy, but you can have something else."
He then chose a tootsie roll and looks at me and says, "You can't have this. This is a Collin candy."
Collin and I were sitting on the porch swing. Collin pauses, looks at me very seriously and says, "So... how are you doing."

While Adam was giving the kids a bath he said, "Collin we need to wash your face. You don't want a dirty face do you?"
Collin- "Yes."
Adam- "Why do you want a dirty face?"
Collin - "Because it's part of my life."

We were playing memory and I told Collin to mix up the cards super fast. He said, "No! We don't want to freak out!"

Me- "Collin, when we have another baby would you like a brother or a sister?"
Collin- 'I want little Collins and Marissas."

Me-"Collin, I miss my Grandma."
Collin; "I have a Grandma you can go to."
Me- "You will share your Grandma with me?"
Collin- "Yep"

Me- "Collin what should we do now?"
Collin- " hmmmm. Let's do something different.
Me- "Like what?"
Collin-"Let's go to the Pizza store (Costco).
Me- "No."
Collin- "Yeah! Let's Shop."

While singing farmer and the Dell he said, "the farmer takes a wife, the farmer takes a wife" then he stopped and very thoughtfully said, "it's not nice to take things."

We just love this silly little boy!!!

And Marissa is starting to use all kinds of words. She is constantly surprising us with a new word. Some of the words in her vocabulary include; stop it, jump, amen, cracker, bubbles, tank tu (thank you), mommy, daddy, up please, more, milk, Grandma, Grandpa, Toby (our cat), night night, teeth, eyes, book, goak (coat), yuck (sock), hi, bye bye, popcorn, ip (zip). She's such a cutie! She can also point to all her body parts and LOVES to sing "Popcorn Popping" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Although the house is rarely quiet and most of dinner times consists of screaming and fighting. We just love, love, love our little family. Hopefully we can add a few more crazies in the future :).