Friday, June 27, 2008

Still waiting

I know you're all waiting to see adorable pictures of a newborn baby, but no, no, Collin is still not here yet. We think he's stubborn just like his parents. For how much he squirms, jabs, and distorts my belly, you'd think he was trying to get out, but not yet. Adam and I are going quite crazy waiting and wishing him here, Collin is already being a disobedient child! But I can't blame him, life is pretty easy and cosy in there. I keep exercising and jumping, skipping, etc, to get him out, but he just won't come. We're trying to enjoy these last few days just together, but come on, the exciting stuff is the baby so we're just wanting him to come. We are doing wonderful and I'm feeling great, maybe that's the problem. However, when our little bundle of joy comes into the world, don't worry Adam will post pictures and you'll all know!! But until then I'm sure trying to get him out, I guess he'll just come when he's ready. Maybe the Lord is just trying to get in a few learning moments of patience, before we have a crash course with this baby!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nerd in the making

So, in case anyone was wondering if I am a nerd, I have proof in the affimative... caught on video. I am a mechanical engineering major and I deal a lot with controls systems. Since no one has any idea what that means I have provided this video to kind of explain. In this video we have a metal rod that can rotate up and down placed on a base that can rotate horizontally. The base is controlled by a motor and the idea is to balace the rod by moving the base. Its basically like trying to balance a stick on your hand, except we did it with motors controlled by a computer. I thought this was pretty cool, but I guess that just confirms that I am a nerd.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Now we just sit and wait...

Besides figuring out some details of health insurance, we're ready for Collin, or as ready as we'll ever be. I mean really, how can you be ready for a baby ever?! Adam and I think that we're ready and it'll be great and then we realize we really have no idea what to expect except that we'll love the little guy so much!!!

My mom was just with us for the last week and we (mainly she) made curtains. We decided that although our apartment is little, we could turn our little office area into Collin's own room. We decided to make curtains so we could make it his own, not to mention if we want to stay up past his bed time it would be nice to just close the curtains. The curtains are beautiful and my mom did a wonderful job, plus I learned some things. It is also nice a dark when we close them, and they match perfectly with our family room. Thy really make the place look cute!!!

Adam cleaned the office and set everything up! The Collin letters have been a craft project and we're going with a safari animal theme. We're so happy and proud to be able to give Collin his own little space even though he won't know the difference, it makes us feel like we're being good parents!!! Adam has been so wonderful and helpful, I am so lucky that he cares so much and is so excited and willing to help. He is wonderful and he'll be an amazing dad!

Here is our cute little stroller and car seat, Collin will be riding in style. We are so grateful for all the generous baby gifts we've been given.

Last but not least is my 35 week pictures. Adam likes to call my belly the torpedo belly, we both think it looks like I'm hiding a soccer ball! I just had to put this one up of Cristy and me! What an awesome little sister I have!!

Family is such a wonderful blessing and Adam and I are so grateful that we were born into such loving wonderful families with good parents. We hope to be as good of parents to Collin and our other children as our parents have been to us. We are so excited to have fun with our family and spend time with them! What a wonderful adventure we're about to embark in. Yay for families!