Thursday, March 29, 2012

Callin' the shots (Jan and Feb Collinisms)

  • We went bowling tonight and on the way home Collin was talking about how cool his shoes were. I said, "those shoes were cute." He responded, "cute is like Marissa, cool is like me." oops who knew our 3 year old was already wanting to be cool.
  • I told Collin we were going to visit his friend Lucy later today. He ran into his room saying "I want to wear my handsome church socks." He quickly changed his socks and said, "I want to look handsome so I'll wear my handsome church socks." We're in trouble, already worried what the ladies will think of him.
  • We were talking about bowling and that it might be hard with Marissa, because it was hard with him at her age. He said, "yeah, I didn't know things too well then (at the age of 2). But now that I'm 3 I know things well enough now."
  • Collin asked me to build a tall train track. I said I don't think I can do it, Daddy is better than I am. He said, "Yes you can. I know you can do it!" I said, "So should I try?" he said, "Yeah!" Then he said, "I know you can do it because you are a big smart mommy." When I successfully built it to his liking he said, "See, I knew you could!"
  • When I kiss Collin goodnight he always says, "I will you miss you when I go to school and get married, but I will use your phone and call you"
  • Today Collin was asking where babies come from and once I told them a baby would be in my stomach he asked how it will get out. YIKES! I didn't think my 3 year old would be asking these kinds of questions.
  • Collin informed me today that he would like to have a little Collin (or a real baby). And he should be named Collin. Adam said, "Don't you think it would be hard to know which Collin we would be talking to and he said, "No I'll know which one is the right one."
  • Collin had gel in his hair. Someone came up to him and said, "Collin do you have gel in your hair?" And he said "Yeah, it's jell-o."

Monday, March 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

Just a month late, but I had to post these fun pictures. For Valentine's Day we didn't do a whole lot except have a delicious trifle and go bowling. It was so fun and Collin LOVED his shoes. It was an adventure with our independent Marissa, but it was worth it.