Sunday, April 25, 2010


I realized that I still haven't put a full picture up of my piano. We've had it for several months now and it is such a blessing from our wonderful Provo neighbors. I love bringing music into our home and it is such an escape for me. This picture is just too stinking cute to not put up. Needless to say our piano is loved by many.

My sister Cristy brought it to my attention that I have been a neglectful future mother. I documented every second of my first pregnancy, but have barely done anything with this one. I do feel bad about that, but to be honest we still haven't even decided on a name and for some reason I still am not 100% sure it's a girl, so I would hate to decorate the nursery only to be shocked and disappointed. We are still floundering on a name. I can't believe what a big decision names are and how difficult it has been for us. It looks like it's going to come down to seeing her and hoping the inspiration comes. I have also had two ultrasounds and in each one they have said it's a girl, but they don't sound 100% sure, which of course makes me nervous. I would absolutely love another boy, but I do have my heart set on this being a girl, so we'll just have to wait and see. The ward threw me a baby shower and I can't believe how wonderfully generous and sweet everyone was. We received so many darling things. Girls clothes really are so so so cute! I would be so sad if I couldn't use all the adorable things we got. So since I don't have nursery pictures I guess I can at least put up more pregnancy pictures although, I feel anything but beautiful. Oh well, luckily I have a husband that makes me feel gorgeous no matter what. Lucky me! So this first one is 30 weeks.

And this one is 35 weeks

It's funny that I am carrying her the same way as I carried Collin, high and torpedoish. It makes me look smaller but it feels like I have a basketball in my stomach. I am trying to stay active by playing volleyball and basketball as well as go on walks, oh and yoga every day. Despite my best efforts I am still gaining more weight than I would like, but I shouldn't complain, my pregnancies are pretty easy for the most part.

I can't believe we have one more month until we meet our new little miracle. As nervous as I am to have 2 children, we are so excited and anxious! I can't believe how truly blessed and lucky we are. We are so fortunate to be able to receive another precious child from our Heavenly Father.

And this last gem is of our silly and sweet little Collin boy. What a delight he is. He definitely has his moments and I fear that the terrible twos are just around the corner, but oh what a blessing. He is the best helper we could have ever hoped for. He helps us do everything, and not just helps, he has to take charge and be in the middle. He loves to help daddy with any project he is doing. He especially loves to hammer and use the screwdriver. He loves to weasel his way into the middle of things. He loves to sweep, vacuum, rake, unload the dishwasher, do yardwork, and build things. We are sure a happy family! Oh and I just have to say for my records, his favorite songs right now are itsy bitsy spider; Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam; I love to see the temple; Head, shoulders, knees and toes; and he loves the little piggy rhyme. He loves his craisins as his story time bed time snack and his favorite book from the library is Block City. How did we ever get so lucky?! Isn't he just the cutest little guy!

More visitors

Last week we had some other visitors, our good friends from Provo, the Coynes. They spent the night with us and then we went to a Mariner's game, which is always fun! We took the ferry to the game, which may be one of the coolest parts of living here. We love taking the ferry, it's a pleasant alternative to traffic and sitting in a car for an hour. Some friends watched Collin so we were child free, which will be one of the last times for a while since life will sure get crazier with two. It was so fun to have the Coynes visit and meet their sweet little 4 month old daughter. We sure miss our good friends from Provo! But luckily Steph is from Washington so hopefully this will be one of many visits.


For all of you out there, I just have to say that we love having visitors. Hint, hint. At the beginning of April, my sister Michelle and her family came out to visit us for a week during her Spring Break. It was so fun to have them here. Collin and Cayley had a love/hate relationship that kept us on our toes. We did a lot of hanging out with bowling, a trip to Seattle, movies, lots of Wii, Manchester State Park, and some basketball and volleyball thrown in there. Toby loved both Michelle and Tim and slept on them about every chance he could get. They stayed in the family room in the basement and actually had their own room and bathroom. It was exciting to feel like we could more properly host guests. It was some good quality bonding time and we were so glad they were willing to make the 16 hour drive up here. Here are some fun pictures from their visit.