Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nerd in the making

So, in case anyone was wondering if I am a nerd, I have proof in the affimative... caught on video. I am a mechanical engineering major and I deal a lot with controls systems. Since no one has any idea what that means I have provided this video to kind of explain. In this video we have a metal rod that can rotate up and down placed on a base that can rotate horizontally. The base is controlled by a motor and the idea is to balace the rod by moving the base. Its basically like trying to balance a stick on your hand, except we did it with motors controlled by a computer. I thought this was pretty cool, but I guess that just confirms that I am a nerd.


adam & jenn said...

Ha ha I think you're wonderful and I'm so glad you're a nerd, I wouldn't have you any other way!! not to mention how wonderful it is you love what you're doing so much!

VoNique and Jared said...

That's pretty cool! Don't feel too bad, it's the nerds that bring home the bling.

The Murrays said...

hey guys since you might have had your baby by now I wanted to give you (mostly Jenn) my very valuable new mom advice:
1- let everyone do everything for you as much as you can stand it.
2- take your baby back when you get tired of other people holding him :)
3- Lansinoh, or any other lanolin product, applied after each feeding, does wonders for soreness when breastfeeding!
4- don't worry if your house isn't clean and you get nothing done for the next few months- you are doing the most important and wonderful thing you'll ever do keeping your baby healthy and happy!
Enjoy being new parents! I'm so excited for you guys!!!

Josh said...

Adam, we need to partner up--you to do all of the heavy mental lifting and me to point you in the right direction of consumer demand.