Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our new adventure!!!

So life has been crazy for obvious reasons. Collin is quite the adventure, especially since Adam and I have very little baby experience so this so new for both of us. For us there is no maternal or paternal instinct. We keep hoping it will kick in but so far, we're pretty clueless and it's lots and lots of trial and error, usually just error. But we aren't giving up and we're really having so much fun. We love watching him sleep because he is just so darn cute and peaceful! What a wonderful blessing, we feel so fortunate to be blessed with Collin and to be learning and growing. Before Collin came I kept praying for patience so that I could be a better mom, and guess what, Heavenly Father is giving me ample opportunities to learn patience, unfortunately it's slow coming, but I'll get there.

So Adam wanted me to make sure and include our nickname for Collin otherwise known around our house as Prince Stinky pants. Prince because he gets what he wants when he wants it (we try to hold out sometimes, but we usually cave when we realize he's not going to stop crying until we do) and stinky pants because we have changed numerous lethal diapers and he has had several smelly smelly accidents all over me! We're learning to NOT be so frugal with diapers because it only ends in me getting nice little gifts from Collin's overly full diaper. Sorry for all the information but that's our life, feeding Collin, changing his diaper, trying to keep him awake, changing his diaper, feeding him, changing his diaper, feeding him, coming up with all kinds of creative ways to try and get him to look at us, etc. etc. There is some sleep time in there, but you never know when he's really going to sleep! Ha ha needless to say it has been such an adventure and we love our little Prince Stinky Pants. He has brought us so much joy! Yes, lots of frustration, especially me since I'm anything but patient, but we just can't stop looking at him and saying how cute he is. It is amazing how easy it is to love this little baby and how quickly and how comfortable we are with saying he is our son and we are his parents. We love this sweet little boy and are so excited to see just how much he changes our life (of course it has already changed so much and we are embracing that change! We just love being parents!)

We have the camera out and we're always snapping shots of our sweet little boy, so here are some more!!


Alyssa Paul said...

Collin is so adorable! And you look great Jenn!

Mary said...

What an adorable little guy! Way to go you two! And don't fret about the patience's something we can ALL work on (: It's funny, just when you feel like you've got things figured out with you kid, then they're on to a new stage and level, and it starts all over again. They sure keep us on our toes! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!! Take care.

Nates said...

What a cute baby Jenn! Congrats! I'm just finding all these blogs tonight. I work night shifts as a nurse, so even when I'm off I can't sleep, so I just blog!
~Andrea Nate