Monday, July 5, 2010

I have a Two year old?!

June 30th was Collin's 2nd birthday. I can't believe he is 2 already. We went to the zoo (I'll post pictures soon) with some friends and then had some friends over later for cake and ice cream. It was such a fun and special day. The highlights for him were the balloons and seeing a digger at work. He is such a sweet and wonderful little boy. He is challenging us and asserting his independence which can be extremely frustrating, but he is also so sweet, loving, and stinking cute. He brings us so much joy and happiness we just can't imagine life without him. I was so terrified to have a boy, but now I can't imagine not having him. He is my little buddy and just lights up our lives. We are so blessed to have our Collin boy. We love you Stinks


Tina said...

What a great picture! Happy Belated Birthday, Collin!

Rebecca & Jeff said...

WOW! Time sure flies! I still remember you being pregnant with him and we would chat while in the Smith Field House computer lab. Good times. Happy Birthday Collin!

Mary said...

Wow, when did he grow up to be so big??! Crazy! Happy being 2 Collin!! Miss you guys.