Wednesday, June 8, 2011

March and April Collinisms

This silly cute boy!

  • Mommy- "Collin are you a big boy?" Collin- "Not yet." Mommy, "When will you be a big boy." Collin (very matter of factly)- "When I'm nine."
  • So we are starting seeds in the house and today some of them popped up. I called Collin over to show him the little green plants. He got down, looked at them, and said, "now we can eat them." ha ha. He didn't understand the waiting part.
  • "Oh, that so cuuuuuuuuute"
  • So today we drove by the shipyard (where Adam works). Collin saw the big boats and I told him that's where daddy works. He said, "When I big I work on big boats with Daddy and Steven (one of Adam's friends and co-workers)." He then proceeded to tell me he would work with Daddy when he is "tall tall, like a snowman". (Gotta love that creativity)
  • "I'm silly Collin boy the Monkey"
  • Singing the wheels on the bus and these are Collin's own verses... "the moose on the bus throw a muffin to the boy, etc...all through the town" "The wet wipe on the bus goes wipe, wipe, wipe... all through the town"
  • Singing Old McDonald he starts singing, "And on his farm he had a mommy, ee-i-ee-i-oh with a clean-up here and a clean-up there." So I guess he notices that I try to keep the house clean after all.
  • When we tickle him he now says, "I don't like it" while laughing of course.
  • One night while we were putting him in his pjs his leg got stuck and he said, "get in Collin boy leggies."
  • While playing with his trains, one fell apart and he said, "uh-oh sapettios" (spaghettios).


VoNique and Jared said...

Those are so cute! I love the wet wipe one :)