Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oh what a life :)

What a wonderful and busy summer.  Life is good and what a blessing to be a family.  We thank God every day for these sweet little children.  They keep us busy and crazy, but we love them and there is nothing better than being a family.

She was having "quiet time", but Sundays are always rough and she is so worn out after church.  I love the little bum sticking up!

A little summer picnic.
Isn't she beautiful.  I just love her eyes.  We still haven't figured out just what color they are, but they are unique to our family.

This was a special day, the first day she let me put a braid in her hair.  I was a proud momma!

Yeah, they're crazy!

She is in fact VERY crazy!  She loves to dress herself.  Whenever we can't find Marissa and it's quiet we can guarantee she's in her room either changing into pajamas or redressing herself.   She's such a girl.

First day of Preschool!  He was counting down the days for months.  I can't believe how fast he's growing!

First day of special Mommy and Rissa time.  She wants to be just like Collin.

Best buds

Just a little scripture reading.

Some fruits of our garden, including the Dahlias.  I love to garden!

Taking notes from General Conference.  What a wonderful and special weekend.

Our little Soccer star.  He LOVED playing.  He's already asking when we get to play again, even though it's almost a year away.

So lucky to have daddy as a coach.  Marissa wanted to join the team, she wore her orange shirt every time Collin wore his soccer shirt.  They still change into their "soccer" clothes, and run down the hall playing soccer.  Those cute kids!

A little toe nail painting session.

Look at those cute chubby little piggies.