Friday, November 1, 2013

Family photos!

I have been dreading getting family pictures, so I was putting them off, but decided it had been long enough.  Trevor hadn't even had any official pictures.  I finally took responsibility, which I still keep expecting my mom to do.  But then I remember oh wait, I'm the mom of this family, it's up to me.  I wanted some beautiful professional looking photos, but I wanted them to be outside, so I asked a friend who takes awesome pictures if she'd give it a go.  I was still dreading the whole thing, what with finding matching outfits and possibly very difficult moody kids.  But luckily the pictures turned out fabulous (if I can brag a little) and the kids were awesome!  I am so happy we got to photograph our sweet little family 

Can you believe this sweet little picture.  Oh I just want to squish him.

 And this handsome guy thinks he's allowed to grow up.  I for one did not say that was okay.

This little miss is just as sweet and sassy as ever.  Boy does she have personality.

There are several more good ones that I'll have to post later, but I just had to share.  Oh we are lucky.


VoNique said...

Those are gorgeous!