Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our missionaries

I decided I would do a little tribute to our two wonderful missionaries!!! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures on the computer of the two of them in the mission field so these will have to do.

Jill is serving in the Ventura California mission, Spanish speaking and is loving it! She is doing awesome!! This picture of us is one of my favorites even if she looks cute and I look psycho. Adam and i miss our favorite Sunday evening dinner buddy. Jill makes wonderful food and is always trying new and fun things. We usually switch off having Sunday dinner at each other's houses, but since last June Adam and I have been having Sunday dinners alone. Jill returns sometime in December and we're so excited to see her!! She'll also have a little nephew waiting to meet her! We love Jill and we're so proud she is serving a mission and working hard! She is having great success and loves the people. Before the mission she hated spicy food and didn't really even like Mexican food so we're hoping she returns with a new passion for Spanish/Mexican food and will make us some!! Yum.

Our next missionary, Jeff is serving in the Belgium, Brussels mission, French speaking and is loving it also! He's been out since October and Collin will be almost a year and a half before he'll meet his wonderful uncle that I'm sure he'll love! Jeff is working so hard and is having so much success. He's so focused on the work that he struggles to find time to write, but when he does his letters are so fun and inspiring. He took several years of French in school so he jumped right in and is really doing well with the language. He has already had atleast 2 baptisms and is finding the people of Belgium and France to be much friendlier than he was warned before the mission. Everyone told him to not expect any baptisms, but he's amazing us all and continually says it's because the Lord leads him and his companion to the elect, and there are several elect just waiting for the missionaries! We miss Jeff, but we're so happy he is doing so well and loves the mission.

We love having our two missionaries out serving. We get so excited when we hear from either of them. We miss them dearly, but love them so much and are so proud of them.


Allie said...

Thats funny I'm from Ventura county! Has she served in Thousand Oaks at all?