Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Divine Instruction and yup I'm definitely pregnant

We are sooooo lucky that we have General Conference twice a year where we get to hear from the Lord's chosen leaders. I just love General Conference and I'm always a little sad when it's over. Adam and I were able to attend Saturday morning session at the Conference Center. It was so crowded that it took us 45 minutes of waiting in line before we got in. Then we found out our section was totally full. Someone said we'd have to go to the Tabernacle, but we had another plan. We went straight for the balcony section and tried to get in there. We finally got into seats and we were like the third to last row to fill up. It was crazy how packed it was. We got seats, but man it was stressful. But anway, we were able to witness the solemn assembly in person and it was simply awesome. The Spirit was so strong in the Conference Center comfirming to me that President Thomas S. Monson is truely the Lord's chosen prophet to lead us right now. What a wonderful and loving man. I love his strong spirit, his quick humor and wit, and his evident love for everyone.

There were so many good good talks from conference. Since we're going to be parents in 3 MONTHS!!!! I definitely enjoyed all the talks about families, parenting, and homes. Although raising children can be scary especially in this crazy world, when I hear the church leaders speak I realize that at the same time it is so wonderful and we can do so much good if we rear our children in the Gospel, love them, and help them understand who they are, children of God. I am so excited to teach our children and learn and grow. I know that I have a lot of room for improvement especially in the area of patience. Adam is so patient and persuasive, whereas I'm a little less patient and more forceful. We are such a good match and balance each other out so well. It will be quite the adventure with children, especially a little boy first. But we are so lucky that we'll be able to have at least 2 priesthood holders in our home and I get to watch little Collin recieve the Priesthood and pass the Sacrament, how cool is that!!!

The other talk I really enjoyed, there were so many, but I loved Elder Hales' talk about Christ and God and understanding who God is. I really felt that that is something I need to work on, building a stronger relationships with God and knowing more fully who he is.

What a wonderful weekend we had!!! For the Sunday session we went to the Martin's home and had yummy potato pancakes, and for lunch delicious pita sandwiches. It was so fun being with friends and enjoying conference all together!

Collin is healthy and well and still extremely active. I can definitely tell he's growing. These are the wonderfulsigns that I am pregnant....
I can no longer see my feet
shaving is much more complicated
I've started grunting when I bend over
I can't really bend over
It's more and more difficult to tie my shoes (thank goodness for Summer and flip flops)
My belly button is getting flat
I need help getting out of bed
I spill food on my belly
I've started resting my hands on my belly (I didn't do that before, who knows where that came from)
I am constantly rubbing and feeling my large belly
and last but not least, random people want to feel my belly and friends feel my belly (kind of weird, but this big belly of mine just must be so tempting to rub!!!!)

I am finally to my third trimester and things are going good!!!! I have a little less than three months and then the madness/adventure begins. Adam and I are trying to get as much sleep as possible, because everyone keeps reminding us that we'll never sleep with the little guy. It's a good thing that babies take 9 months, there is a lot of mental and physical preparation for this little guy. We're so exciting and can't wait to start decorating his little area of our little house!!! Yay for adventures!


Jordan and Alyssa Paul said...

Hey Jenn, I found your blog first ;) WAY cute! I am glad that I can keep in touch with you now!

Jackie Sarager said...

You are such a cute pregnant girl! I think that is so funny, I remember all those things about being pregnant! Strangers even talked to my belly! So werid!