Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dancing Baby

This little guy is so much fun!

Since Collin learned to crawl two weeks ago he is even more fun. I know you're asking yourself how is that possible, but it is. He is constantly adventuring and wondering around the house getting into trouble. He is also standing, with support, and sitting back down with ease. We didn't know if he would ever really crawl, but now he is so fast. He may even walk close to his birthday. He also loves music, especially country, ok not yet but I'm working on it, but he likes all music. Dancing is one of his new favorites, we call it dancing but it's more like bouncing. If a toy plays music he will push the button, wait for the song to end and then push it again. This continues over and over, so lets just say we have way too many little kid songs memorized. He is so entertaining and still as happy as ever.


Andrea and Preston said...

Collin is so cute and getting so big! I'm sure its so much fun to get to watch him learn new things and grow! =)

Sandy said...

Jenn, How could you? Introduce Collin to Coldplay or something good like that to listen to.