Monday, March 31, 2008

Into unknown territory....

So Jenn really wanted me to write on our 'blog', but I don't know what to write about. I'm a guy. This blog stuff is for the girls to write cutsie stuff. I bet if she really thought about it she wouldn't want me to write here. I'll just talk about dumb stuff and not share enough of my feelings.

So yeah its fun feeling the baby and watching Jenn's belly get huge and everything. But seriously, we have a real issue here. We need to figure out what Collins middle name is going to be. Some of us at work were talking and we came up with a few prime candidates. Here are a few of our best ideas:

Collin Card Brandt
Collin Itquits Brandt
Collin Der Brandt
Collin Inforbackup Brandt
Collin Allcars Brandt
Collin Rem Brandt
Collin Theshots Brandt

Anyone is welcome to give their opinion which one they like best, or if you have any other ideas that would be great too. We need it to be good. We don't want the poor kid getting made fun of at school and stuff like that.


canyouhearme? said...

oh adam.... you're silly.

i know i was and will forever be jenn's most favorite roommate but naming your first-born child's middle name after my maiden name? wow, i don't know what to say. i feel so honored. and, yes, 'card' is the best candidate by far. let's be serious.

Fagerlunds said...

Jenn! Holy smokes, this blog thing is pure craziness. I'm running into people on the web I haven't seen in years. It is a thrill to see all the fun stuff about you and your husband. Congratulations on your baby boy. Lyndsey is due one week from today (it's a boy as well). I feel your pain the whole middle name dilemma. We're naming ours Cash. But I'm stumped on how to match that w/ Fagerlund. Anyways, I hope to see you soon. I'll keep an eye out for more baby news on your blog. We'll post some pictures once we have the little munchkin home from the hospital. Talk to you soon. Pierre

Allie said...

K I've got a good one
Collin Oscopy Brandt
kinda gross but I had to suggest it!