Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adam felt him wiggling all over the place!

So I begged Adam to add a post about feeling Collin move, but I don't think that'll happen so I figured I would. Adam felt Colling move all over the place Friday night. When Collin moves he is sooo active. It was really fun and Adam was really excited! It sure makes it feel so real!


Tim, Michelle & Cayley said...

Yeah!! it took Tim a while to feel Cayley. Once he did though he felt a little sympathy for me, not that I complained everytime she moved because it didn't hurt but he just didn't beleive me that she moved so much.

Jess and Heather said...

yay i'm so excited he finally got to feel him move! i bet that feels so weird to feel that in your belly!

Tim, Michelle & Cayley said...

Hey, if I leave a comment on someone from your blog, can they respond back to me? or do I have to go back to their site? I was looking at Lincoln and his fam's site and I left them a note. just wondering. How is Collin doing?