Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our little Collin: the acrobat

So on Sunday during church Adam was able to see our little bundle of joy, trying to escape through my belly. He has grown and is so much stronger that his movements are really easy for Adam to feel and we can even see them on the outside. It is so distracting to me that I find myself constantly looking down at my belly, which is getting bigger and bigger. It's so fun to feel him and Adam just loves feeling and seeing him move. Who needs a t.v. or other forms of entertainment when you have baby that provides hours of entertainment by just moving. We just love it!

I still have three months left, it's hard to believe that he can get bigger, but I know he's going to double in size. Since I have a short torso there is very little room left. He's already started bumping my ribs and sometimes I think he's squishing my lungs because I find myself out of breath. He is such an acrobat because one minute I'll feel him right below my ribs and the next thing I know he's down by my pelvic bone and then he's side to side. He's either loving his temporary home or trying to bust free, either way he's stuck in there for three more months.

So I'm trying to stay healthy, in good shape, and only to gain a healthy amount of weight. As you can tell with my obsession with junk food I'm not proving to be quite as successful as I hoped, however I have found two new exercising loves. Yoga and water aerobics. I've been doing yoga since the beginning of January and I absolutetly love it. What a fabulous thing to do. I think everyone should try yoga. I am becoming so much more flexible and strong. Some of the moves I can't do, but for the most part it's an excellent work out. I've gone to water aerobics three times and it's very entertaining and enjoyable. I'm the youngest person there. There are several women and a man over fifty and an assortement of other ages. I was so nervous to go and thought I would feel so silly, but it's actually a great workout and no pressure on my body which I love. It's really fun to be in the water although i'm not much of a swimmer so luckily we stay in the shallow end. I'm not easy to miss, I'm the pregnant young one in the pool on Saturday mornings at Gold's.

One last thing, Spring has sprung and the sun is shining! Oh it is fabulous outside. The sun just cheers me up!! We may have some trouble deciding where to settle, hopefully Adam will get a job somewhere that will make us decide where to go, otherwise I want to go to sunny AZ and Adam wants to go to rainy WA. When it is too sunny out I think Adam dries out. He needs the rain to be refreshed and I just love the sun! I think i'm a weed! Well we still have another year to worry about all of that and until then I'm winning out and I get to enjoy beautiful sunny UT!


VoNique and Jared said...

That's so wierd you have a litle person in your belly! I think Adam should find a job here! Don't you want to live here forever?

sdralphs said...

Jenn! Your husband and you are too cute! It was fun seeing pictures of you with long hair. You are adorable. I'm looking forward to married life, I'm just about over the single wards and dating phase! Hope the little guy inside of you has not been kicking too hard this week!

"The Adams Family" dadadada said...

your a weirdo Jennnnn!!! but i still love you and its only rainy 9 out of 12 months in WA hahaha dont move that far from ME!!!!
love you!

mj said...

HI! I's Maegen Jenne here. Found your blog. Congrats on the baby! I know how you feel about the baby moving around. Carter was so active. And he hasn't really stopped. Don't you just LOVE water aerobics. I love getting a work out with out sweating and feeling sore. It is so good for the baby too. Congrats again. Your belly is so cute. Good luck these last few months and don't forget to take it easy!