Wednesday, March 5, 2008

our baby boy is sure stubborn

So on Sunday in church the baby (Collin) was moving. I was so excited that Adam would finally be able to feel him move. He's been active in my belly for over a month, but he's been so little that you can't feel him on the outside. So I was hoping that Adam would get a chance to feel the little rascal. So when he started moving around I grabbed Adam's hand and placed it on my belly and Collin stopped moving. How convenient. We went on doing the same thing for about 15 minutes and everytime I grabbed Adam's hand to put it on my belly Collin would stop moving. If this is any forshadowing for how he will be I'm a little worried. Adam and I are pretty stubborn so I guess we've already passed it onto our son. I guess we might just have to get used to the idea that all our children may be as stubborn as us. I felt so bad that Adam couldn't feel Collin moving around. Especially because I feel him so often and it's so strong. One time Adam's hand was on my belly I totally felt Collin moving around, but Adam said it really didn't feel like anything and he couldn't tell if it was the baby moving or me breathing! So frustrating. I get to feel our little guy all the time and Adam just gets to see my belly grow.

I sure do enjoy getting a bigger belly. I'm showing now which is fun. Even strangers who don't know I'm pregnant can now tell. It's funny how people automatically reach to feel your belly when they see that you're pregnant. I wonder what the draw is. So far it's been people I know, so it's not uncomfortable, but I heard that even strangers come up to you and feel your belly. Now that's pretty weird, what about personal space?! I really enjoy walking by windowns or mirrors and seeing my little pregnant belly! It's so fun. I don't usually feel pregnant until I look in the mirror or try to bend over. That belly is starting to get in the way, but just a little. For the most part it's just fun!! It sure is going by slowly though. I feel like I've been pregnant for most of my life. I just want this little guy out.

At first I was so nervous to have a boy because they are so energetic, like to get into everything, break things, and get dirty. I still am nervous especially since I'll be home all day with him. I'm sure it'll be very exciting when daddy comes home to throw him around and chase him around the house. What a wonderful blessing to have two parents! Children sure need that tag team because they're just too much work to do it all by yourself! We're so excited to have Collin, we talk about him all the time. With in a few days of finding out that we were having a boy we received two baby boy outfits. They are just adorable. And I can't believe we're going to have something so little and cute to go in the outfits. Adam being his silly self decided to put them on hangers and hang them in our hallway. It probably looks like a little shrine and I'm sure is pretty weird, but we love having the little outfits hanging up. We look at them all the time and get so excited!! Oh it'll sure be an adventure to be parents, but what a wonderful blessing!


VoNique and Jared said...

Maybe he thought you were pushing on him to tell him to hold still. Which would make him obedient...not stubborn! See there's hope!

I'm so excited to meet your little baby!

McGrew fam said...

So exciting!! Even though I don't miss being pregnant I do miss feeling the baby kick and move around. Its just crazy that theres a baby in there! You guys are going to be awesome parents!
By the way I love that you have a blog! Now I have another blog to stalk!

Jess and Heather said...

Jenn!It's Heather!! I'm so excited you have a blog now! :) I think that story is soo funny about collin not moving for Adam! hopefully one day he'll be able to feel him!

Scott & Stef said...

Adam shouldn't worry, the baby just gets bigger and he will soon not only feel the kicks but will probably see your belly moving too! I think the best part of being prego is feeling it move! I can't wait until I can :).

Bloggers said...

Hey you know Adam dont worrie about it bc my boys both did the same thing....when that baby gets bigger JEN you put your tummy right on Adams butt when hes sleeping abd let collin move and move!!! Your awake bc o it and so is Adams aahhhh sharing!!!! love you ;-*

Tim, Michelle & Cayley said...

Hey, just wanted to say hi. I loved feeling Cayley move. One time I was sitting back after a long day of job hunting and I went to rest my hands on the top of my belly and she kicked me. Not only did she kick but she kept her foot stretched out and I could literally see her foot popping out about 1 1/2 inches. It was crazy cool.

Love ya